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It is hard to believe that in just a month's time, it will be Christmas again. In the lead-up to the season, Black Friday often sees small business purchases replaced with "big business bargains", and whilst we all love a bargain, we prefer intentional purchases over impulse bargains.

We encourage everyone to support local in the coming months where possible. Spending locally is about more than making the business owner do a happy dance. Whilst we support that too, it's also about the impact beyond the business. When you purchase something that is produced with care, it makes a difference. Every dollar spent locally goes back into the local economy and continues to give and add value to the places we live. There is also the feel good bonus of knowing that your spend with small businesses is genuinely appreciated by the humans running them (often 24/7). ⁠

If you don't have any local small businesses in mind head to or Click For Vic to support an Australian small business.

Hit the link to find a few of the businesses we think are great in our region and beyond.


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