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Reed & Co are creatives, distillers, and makers.

We believe that the concept and the craft deserve equal attention to develop a sophisticated spirit.


Reed & Co honour the value of knowledge, passion, and time that goes into developing skills and techniques as a true artisan craft distillery.


We like to go to the space where art meets science. Equal parts wild and refined. 

We can't help but be inspired by the valley, mountains, rivers, pine forest, and bushland.

This is reflected in every spirit, in every bottle. We create from nature, both wild and

nurtured to produce flavours

that are unashamedly North East "



Hamish Nugent and Rachel Reed are the owners/creators/makers behind Reed & Co Distillery. As reputable ex-chefs, Hamish & Rachel put the quality of flavour and technique at the core of the product and experience.


The goal for them is simple;  to create new flavour experiences that they enjoy, and to share them with others.

​They have always subscribed to the philosophy of creativity and expression. Pushing the craft and new techniques to uncover and discover is where these distillers like to play.

​In fact, it all started with this exact philosophy. 


The ex-chefs were experimenting with distillation techniques to manipulate flavour in their dishes using local botanicals. In 2016 they installed their first copper still, Molly, on the premises of their awarded restaurant (Tani). The same botanicals they were using in the plate went on to produce what was then one of the first native bush gins in Australia- Remedy Small Batch. 

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The distillery was originally established in 2016 at our hatted Good Food regional restaurant of the year, Tani Eat & Drink. The restaurant doors were closed in 2017 to make room for Reed & Co Distillery at our 15 Wills Street space, situated in the centre of Bright. 

An unassuming building formerly mechanics workshop, has been transformed into a welcoming local with indoor and outdoor seating. The space encompasses a distillery door, bar, and is shared with friends & local family business- Sixpence Coffee.


​​The still room houses 2 Copper stills Molly & Mabel as well as a cold vacuum still.

Every part of the spirit making process happens onsite, so there are botanicals, tanks, barrels and lab tests a plenty filling up the space.


We are located in the picturesque Alpine town of Bright, surrounded by mountains, rivers, bush and pine forests.

Bright is situated in Victoria's high country, just 3.5 hours out of Melbourne's CBD. 

Bright is a getaway destination all throughout the year, as it is the perfect spot to take advantage of access to Victoria's alps, national parks, and home-grown food and wine. 

​It is a must-visit destination for outdoor enthusiasts and casual getaways alike with great accommodation & outdoor activity in every season including cycling, kayaking or bushwalking in the warmer seasons. Of course it is well known as the perfect base for a trip to the snow at Mt Hotham or Falls Creek in the winter. 

For those who just want to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings, Autumn is the perfect time to visit to enjoy the changing colours of the landscape, witnessing the deciduous trees in their autumnal splendour.

The Ovens river becomes a summer water playground as the weather warms up and is a popular spot for people to unwind. 


​Our distillery sits right in the heart of town alongside breweries, wine cellar doors, cafes and restaurants.

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