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You may have heard Shochu is like Sake, or Shochu and Soju are the same...

there are so many reasons Shochu is unique, so we're sharing a few of them for those of you that love to know the details.

We're starting with gin because it seems like an obvious choice given where we started, and it is enjoyed by so many of you.

The similarities between Shochu and Gin...there are 2 obvious ones;

1- they are both clear distilled spirits

2- they are both delicious

Here are 3 ways that they are different for added perspective.

Sake and Shochu are often compared because they are made with koji...

but they have unique differences.

Here are 3 basics.

You can explore further about the base ingredients used in Shochu within our other posts.

Soju and Shochu are often compared because they sound the same...and in the USA there was a weird legality that classed Soju as Shochu, so many are now confused about which is which.

They are both distilled spirits made using a koji of kind...but again they are quite different.

Let us know which spirits you have tried

  • Shochu

  • Gin

  • Sake

  • Soju

You can vote for more than one answer.


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