Having lived and worked in Japan as chefs, our appreciation for Japanese techniques goes deep. We often find ways to integrate that into our North East Victorian spirits. Yuzushu is just the first of our Koji based spirits and we are looking forward to sharing more interesting spirits with Australian drinkers


We are proud of our Reed & Co produced Yuzushu, we create every element using ingredients, such as the barley to make the koji that starts it all, through to the blend of the finished product.




11%abv 500ml

Category – Barley Shochu 


Botanicals / Ingredients - Barley Shochu, Yuzu


Process -  The koji microbes help to break down the starch of the barley to produce fermentable sugars before distillation which produces the Shochu spirit base.True to the honour of time, the Shochu spirit base for this release has been conditioning over 18 months to truly highlight the notes of the raw organic Australian barley. The final product seamlessly marries all ingredients, connecting the barley Shochu with the bright citrus notes of North East Victorian Yuzu.


Tasting Notes – The nose is bright and zesty, you get a hint of tart yuzu balanced with sweet notes of banana, macadamia and vanilla, an undertone of earthy shochu, and long bright finish,

Drink Me- Yuzushu can be enjoyed chilled, on the rocks, with soda, or in a cocktail.