'We have just blended our Mistelle, it is looking bright with a soft floral nose.' 


Spirit Lab - Limited edition distillates and collaborations Unique one of a kind beverages

Mistelle 2021 20% abv 500ml

Category - Alternative Spirit (Mistelle inspired)

Collaborator - Billy Button Wines

Grape Region - Alpine Valleys, King Valley

Botanicals/ Ingredients - Tempranillo grape juice, Friulano grape juice, bittering botanicals common in gin and amaro, grape spirit

Process - Wild fermented, fortified, unfiltered

Tasting Notes – The nose is floral with a deep citrus and the palate offers the sweetness of a Japanese plum with an underlying citrus note and long mouthfeel to finish.

Drink Me - Chilled from the fridge or over ice with a slice of grapefruit.

OR make into a spritz with prosecco or sparkling water.


Our Mistelle is unfiltered with no preservatives. 

Mistelle 2021

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