Mistelle 2021 is in the lab! We will keep you posted with updates on it's progress.

In the meantime add 23/04/21 to your diary, this is when we will go live with pre-order, expected dipatch 17th May.


Last years notes;

Spirit Lab - Limited edition distillates and collaborations Unique one of a kind beverages

Mistelle 2020 20% abv 500ml

Category - Alternative Spirit (Mistelle inspired)

Collaborator - Billy Button Wines

Grape Region - Alpine Valleys, King Valley

Botanicals/ Ingredients - Tempranillo grape juice, Friulano grape juice, bittering botanicals, grape spirit

Tasting Notes – Up front our 2020 Mistelle displays a nice balance between the Tempranillo and Friulano, a burst of cherry with an astringent apricot followed by almond. The mid palate is earthy and citrusy all in one followed by a candy finish reminiscent of a lolly from your childhood (if you’re in your mid 30’s or older). Unfiltered to retain the beauty.

Drink Me - Chilled straight from the fridge neat or drop some ice in and garnish with lemon or pink grapefruit.

Mistelle can also make a refreshing Spritz if served with or without ice, topped with Sparkling water or a matched Sparkling Wine.


The Story - 2020 wasn’t the best start for grape growers throughout our region due to bushfires tainting the grapes. As it happens apart from smoke taint the quality of the grapes were amazing, exceptional actually but deemed unusable for wine production leaving most vineyards with no option than to destroy the fruit.The solution unfermented fortification with little skin contact – fermentation releases the bound smoke particles that the vines store in the fruit and the skin. Unfermented and little to no skin contact produced a beautiful non smoked juice.Processing the juice – fermentation produces all of those great flavours that we find in wine, unfermented juice is relatively very sweet, thin and in this case low in acidity. Lab work – Our solution to combat the residual sugars and produce a longer finish building on the flavour and acidity, a bittering agent!

Mistelle 2021

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