World Gin Day limited release

Not everything goes to plan, but once in a while, it can still deliver a great outcome. We were chasing a flavour profile that we had achieved at a smaller volume on one of our ongoing R&D projects the upscaling we had some variability. 

The result was very different but waaaay too good to hideaway.

So as a celebration of all things modern gin for World Gin Day, we are sharing this new world gin with you- a deep citrus-forward gin influenced by Japanese flavours. 


NEO X one off distillate  44%abv  700ml

Category – Spirit 

Botanicals / Ingredients - Juniper, Yuzu, sencha & shiso

Process - Fermentation + distillation + maceration.

Tasting Notes –  Floral juniper and bold yuzu on the nose, sweet front palate with deep citrus followed by herbaceous tea and shiso.  Finish long and rounded.

NEO X World Gin Day Ltd Edn 2021