If you need a coffee & gin fix...this is the combo for you 

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Dark Night Original 700ml + Dark Night Malt Edition 500ml


Dark Night 

Collaborators-  Sixpence Coffee & Corowa Whisky Distillery

Coffee Liqueur- 30%abv 700ml

Category - Gin base coffee liqueur

Botanicals/ Ingredients - Grain spirit gin, Colombian coffee beans, toasted rice, cane sugar.

Process – distilled gin, cold extract dark roasted Colombian coffee, giant rice tea bag, balancing / sweetening. American oak barrel.

Tasting Note – Rounded bitter sweet coffee with the right amount of booze.


Dark Night Malt Edition

Collaborators-Bright Brewery & Sixpence Coffee

ABV - 33.6%

Method - Distillate, beer + botanicals

Coffee - Columbian Popayan, roast profile dark

Malt Barley - Dark

Method - Cold extraction

Sweetening - Cane sugar & malt


Tasting Notes;

Nose - Caramelized coffee & fruit

Palate - Clean prounced coffee with deep molasses and macerated fruit


Drinking Suggestion:

On the rocks garnish, a slice of orange.

Coffee Negroni

G & T, Turbo

Espresso Martini


The story behind Dark Night Malt Edition;

Spirit Lab - Malt Edition makes use of excess craft beer from the pandemic.

Like many breweries Bright Brewery had excess beer from the impact of the pandemic, so we jumped at the oppoutrtunity to collaborate with them.

Hamish and Reid (brewer) worked closely togehter to develop a rich beer based spirit, distilled and then redistilled with botanicals to drive and curve the flavour profile. Joining forces with Luke our neighbour at Sixpence Coffee, the spirit was then used to cold extract dark roasted single origin Columbian coffee and malted barley over a 48-hour period. 

Only 300 bottles produced.

    Coffee Fix Bundle- Dark Night & Dark Night Malt Edition